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Wellington Hill concert


Wellington Hill - with the organisers


Several years ago I was fortunate enough to attend a night of traditional jazz at a local venue and hence discover a jazz band that stood out from its peers. That band was Winstone’s Pennine Jazz. Since that time, I have followed them to different venues and got to know the band well. I have always been impressed at their ability to deliver quality jazz that is as informal as it is entertaining.

Some eighteen months ago, I was talking with the band and suggested that we might like to experiment with a gig at the Wellington Hill Residents Association, of which I am a member. Try it out, as it were. With a little trepidation, I said that I would organise it and managed to find a space in the Association’s busy calendar for 10th May 2003. I knew the venue was good; large hall, good acoustics, excellent bar facilities. I knew the band was good. But would there be enough punters? Not everyone likes jazz. All that is now history.

Winstone’s Pennine Jazz came, they played and they conquered.

24th April 2004 saw the second performance from Winstone’s Pennine Jazz at the Wellington Hill Residents Association. What a night! The Hall was packed, (word had spread following their first appearance). What a band! Winstone’s Pennine Jazz just gets better and better.

The audience sat spellbound listening to an evening of instrumental and vocal virtuosity that was second to none. The program selection catered to all tastes and the presentation left no doubt as to the band’s ability to thoroughly entertain. My sincere thanks to Keith, Eugene, John, Graham, Rod and Brian for making the night so memorable.

The audience’s enthusiastic applause conveyed to the band their thorough appreciation of the night. Thankfully my back is now not so sore, my right hand aches less, and my lips are near normal following the pats, handshakes and kisses I received at the end of the evening from the audience along with requests from everyone for a return of the band in the near future.

To Winstone’s Pennine Jazz, thank you. Hope to see you back again, soon.

Tony Brown.


Feedback from those we have entertained.

Huddersfield New College  (from the Principal)

I would like to thank you and your band for performing at our Long Service Awards evening on Friday. You created a very relaxed mood which contributed to the success of the evening. It was a very enjoyable event and your contribution was very much appreciated.

  Dear Pennine Jazz  (Mr and Mrs Webb.)

We would both like to thank you for your performance at our wedding. It created a wonderful atmosphere when we arrived at Bagden Hall, all the guests loved the music. The band who played were excellent and it helped towards making a most memorable and special day.