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Agnes Campbell

Agnes Campbell was born in Scotland in 1948. Following a varied career in the fields of training and personal development she moved to West Yorkshire in 1985. As a result of her own life experiences Agnes initiated Caretel in 1990.

Through these experiences Agnes has gained much insight into how people can struggle when coping with change and recognises the effect this can have on their health and personal lives.

Agnes believes that everyone can find fulfilment, peace and inspiration in their daily lives. It is this belief that drives her everyday work and commitment to others. In particular she is aware of how the spiritual dimension is often neglected and how this can be a contributing factor to ill health. This has led her to develop inspirational workshops and life coaching, looking at how life unfolds. However, Agnes believes that it is for each person to decide upon what is appropriate for them and this is reflected in all the services offered.

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me... and I will give you rest"

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