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The club that put Batley and lots of surrounding places on the world map

Batley, in the sixties, a grimy little mill town, in the heart of the heavy woollen district, had very little going for it; a local couple James and Betty Corrigan, had the idea of building "The Batley Variety Club". Large enough to accommodate over a thousand people, enough to pay for the very best in entertainment, for this was key to the forward thinking Corrigan's; despite all the odds, they put heart and soul into the project, determined to bring the very best stars in the world of show business to the entertainment starved people of the north. The project met with a great deal of scepticism; but despite all the odds, on Easter Sunday in 1967, the club opened, with a galaxy of the worlds top stars who fell in love with the warmth of welcome from the northern audiences, becoming a huge success for many years, until it's closure in the late seventies. The story of the club built on an old sewerage works captured the imagination of the worlds press, James Corrigan put Batley on the map, he gave pleasure to millions changing the social landscape of the area. This building being the first of its kind in the north of England became iconic, holding cherished memories of a special time to millions of people, many escaping the drudgery of the times and enjoying a little glitz and glamour at prices they could afford. It would be a tragedy to lose the building with such a big story to tell, which forms part of our social heritage now under threat from the developers, by urging English heritage to list it as a building of "special and social interest" we hope to save it for future generations.

Maureen Prest former promotions
and public relations officer, who
has launched this campaign to turn
the former Variety Club into
a listed building

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Just some of the world famous stars

Roy Orbison

Gene Pitney

This is your life for Charlie Williams on stage at Batley Variety Club

And many, many more

The Drifters

Martin St James

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